Introducing Merchant Transaction Signals

In a year of record volatility, lenders have struggled to access timely and reliable data about small businesses. Enigma’s Merchant Transaction Signals address this gap, providing key signals about the financial health and growth of small and medium businesses across the U.S.

The data

Enigma has partnered with leading banks and payment processors to aggregate and analyze a panel of hundreds of millions of anonymized credit and debit cards. Using proprietary entity resolution techniques, we’ve transformed these raw transactions into leading indicators of growth and risk at more than 10 million U.S. small and medium businesses.

Available a la carte or as a bundle, these attributes provide a clear picture of business health:

  • Card Revenues — Reports on the average monthly revenue a business receives from credit and debit card transactions.

How can I use this data?

You can use any of these attributes on their own or combined with Enigma’s other data about business identity and operations.

Risk and underwriting teams can gain deep visibility into an applicant’s financial position before they submit paperwork. Set smarter initial credit limits and more accurately predict a business’s future spend. With data that’s refreshed each month, you can more closely monitor risk and take actions to mitigate damage before a delinquency event occurs.

Merchant Transaction Signals can also help marketing and sales teams accelerate their customer acquisition. From ridding your lead database of shuttered businesses to identifying your best prospects, up-to-date intelligence on a business’s growth helps you maximize the ROI on your direct marketing and prospecting.

What makes our data unique?

  • Fresh — Our data provides signal about business health months before traditional credit scores, and is refreshed every month.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch to request a sample.