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  • Ben Dilday

    Ben Dilday

    Data Scientist at Enigma

  • Sean Lingren

    Sean Lingren

    Infrastructure Engineer —

  • Ezzy Sriram

    Ezzy Sriram

    Software Engineer @ Enigma. I am a lifelong tinkerer, a product-minded software engineer, and endlessly curious about unlocking hidden insights from data.

  • Erick Katzenstein

    Erick Katzenstein

  • Kim Moy

    Kim Moy

    Design Director at Capital One, Organizer, UX + Data Meetup, Associate at Columbia. Previously: Designer at The New York Times.

  • Zahra Nazari

    Zahra Nazari

    Research Scientist at Spotify

  • Jeffrey Weinberg

    Jeffrey Weinberg

    Dev @ ::

  • Haidar Hadi

    Haidar Hadi

    Big Data Architect... Bigger Scala enthusiast

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